Don Airport

  • Donskoe, Russia
  • Tambov region, Russia 582 m in 
    Airport in the city of Tambov is called "Don". It is located ten kilometers north-east of the city center. The airport belongs to the 2nd class, capable of receiving aircraft with a maximum weight of 64 tons, as well as helicopters of all types.   

    Airport originated in 1970, when the construction of the concrete runway, terminal building and other infrastructure.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union has fallen dramatically and cargo-passenger. Stop flights to Ukraine and Belarus, because they were unprofitable. In 1997, the cancellation in Sochi, Moscow and the East.

    Since 2012, the airline ceased operating flights from Tambov for the inability to use the outdated Yak-40, which have been used before.

    Since April of 2012 opened weekly flights on the route Moscow - Tambov - Moscow. Flights take place twice a day.
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