Sheremetyevo Airport F

  • Klyazma, Russia
  • 1 km from the international co., 30, Moscow, Russia 
    Sheremetyevo Airport F - airport terminal is opened before the Olympics in 1980. It is located in the southern part of the airport, next to the train terminal and annually serves about 6 million passengers.

    It is equipped with terminal boarding bridges, 15 sites with telescopic gangway, station square and a hotel.

    On the ground floor of the terminal is landing zone, and the second - arrival area. On the first floor there are several ATMs and terminals for currency exchange, shops with printed materials, flower shop, gift shop and two cafeterias are located in center of the room.

    On the second floor you will find shops Duty Free, an incredible number of cafes to suit all tastes, a few bars and pubs, as well as a restaurant. In addition, there is a shop souvenir gifts and two VIP lounge where you can enjoy all the services of electronic communications, relax at the TV, and is always open for children's playroom.
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Sheremetyevo Airport
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