Alexander Monastery (Suzdal)

  • Suzdal, Russia
  • M7
    Suzdal, Vladimir region, Russian Federation 536 m Yu

    Alexander monastery - a convent, located on the left bank of the Kamenka River in Suzdal. In historical chronicles say that the monastery was built on the orders of Alexander Nevsky in 1240.

    The initial unstressed vowels in the root of monuments to our days, unfortunately, did not survive. In 1695, the monastery built a church with a bell tower of the Ascension. It was built on the money the mother of Peter I, Queen Natalia Kirillovna. Of particular interest is precisely this church. Its windows are decorated with carved frames, with simple columns in the first tier, and figured in the second column. High drums are decorated with the same carved columns. The monastery is surrounded by a low fence, which is made in the first half of the XVIII century.
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