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    There is a lane on the outskirts of Moscow, which would be called Aleshkino. It was named after the village, through which it passes, and in the nearby forest of the same name. Now no longer find the origins of this modest title since the first mention of this place dates back to 1623 year. Then another "Aleshkino village on the river Khimki" went gratitude Semen Galavіnu, in the distribution of land Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich.

    However, there is reason to believe that there was a settlement in the XVI century, and even earlier; archaeological findings allow us to consider the version of the Slavic settlement in XI-XIII centuries.

    Later Aleshkina were transferred Nicholas Monastery and then Andronіkava Savior Monastery. Changes with time allotments, disappeared some crafts, there is another. Although in 1960 the village were referred to the territory of Moscow, it was unchanged until 1980, when, in connection with the Olympics began its demolition.

    And today there was only lane that resembles his name on a small village, with a long history.
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