Altai Street

  • Pavlovskaya Sloboda, Russia
  • Altai street, district Galyanovo, Eastern District, Moscow 
    The history of the street goes from the XVIII century. Then in its place took another street - Kurakinskaya. It starts at the Moscow highway and ended in Vitebsk Railway. For building it lasted Kurakin road. In the 20-ies of XX century, the street was attached to Kurakin road and was renamed the Southern Highway. Over time, the old buildings were torn down, and the sides of the streets began to build high-rises. Then it paved and renamed the street in the Altai. Name given in honor of the virgin lands of Kazakhstan, which was rich Altai region.

    Today Altai streets are lined with residential skyscrapers. District Galyanava officially considered a residential area. People say that there is no room to swing fall, not to mention the car park. In addition to residential homes on the street are schools, kindergartens, supermarket, library, health center and a nightclub.
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