Alymov lane

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Alymov lane Bogorodskoe District, Eastern District, Moscow 
    Previously, in place of the alley was a settlement, which appeared in the XVI century. Its first owner was Ivan the Terrible himself. He ordered to build here Miracles Monastery and the Chapel of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin, which has not survived to the present day. In honor of her and was named the village.

    After the king's lands were transferred to the buyer Alymova. Then Bogoroditskaya changed to Alimov. The village was the main street. It is also called as the village. From her side was a small lane, as Alim. Although at one time it was called the cemetery lane, since it leads directly to the cemetery. In Soviet times, about 1922, the territory was given to the city and Lane finally secured the title Alim.

    Today, in the area of ​​the lane collected mainly high-rise buildings. Next to residential buildings there is a metro area of ​​Transfiguration.
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