Ambulatory pond

  • Krasnye Orly, Russia
  • st. Usievicha, 12/14, Moscow, Russia 
    Outpatient rates are located in Moscow, in the vicinity of the airport. Its area is about 1 hectare. The pond was formed in the middle of the XIX century as a result of the damming of a tributary of the river Tarakanovka currently flows through the pipe. Ambulatory pond located between the streets Aseeva Usievicha, watches and Samad Vurgun in organized pedestrian zone. On its shore is a cinema "Baku". Organized around the pond beautiful park with an area of ​​2.7 hectares.

    The pond was named in honor of a number of outpatient alley, which in turn was named to the outpatient clinic located on it. The waterfront and artificial concrete. In the center of it are floating houses for ducks, as well as small fountain. This place is very popular with visitors and residents of Moscow, especially crowded here on weekends.
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