Amin Gorge

  • Hakodz, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop district, village Kamennomostsky 
  • Aminovka River flows into the river near the village of White Kamennomostsky. The upper part of the bed of the small river is a picturesque valley with a lot of low waterfalls and unusual rocky outcrops. The name of the river and gorge recalls the Caucasian War. There was defended by the tsarist army Naib Shamil Mohammed Amin. His chetyrehtysyachnogo Charkesk army long held back the army.

    Gorge Aminovki are less popular with tourists than the nearby creek or Rufbago Mezmaysky, so there is usually quiet and not crowded. In the riverbed can be seen five waterfalls, about ten fall from the walls of the gorge. Amin Falls Gorge characterized by a steady flow. Rocks that form the walls of the gorge are built of limestone and sandstone, clay outputs, their height reaches sixty meters. On the banks of the river you can find stones with imprints of shells akamyanelymі amanіtu.

    In the upper reaches of the river, you can explore the caves of spirit and Saxophone. Doohan most visited cave - it stretches along the underground river, it even has an underground waterfall. Easy to pass only a small part of the cave. To go further will have to overcome narrow gap - "knacker".
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