Amur street

  • voronovo, Russia
  • Eastern Administrative District, the city of Moscow in the district "Golyanovo"; between the street and the Ural Schelkovskogo highway 
    Amur street belongs to the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow and is located on the territory of Golyanovskogo area. It is located between the street and the Ural Schelkovskoe highway. It is known that the Amur street is the former projected prospectus №264.

    Amur street was renamed to August 9, 1965, and due to the fact that it is located in the east of the capital, she received a symbolic name in honor of the Amur River, which is known to be one of the largest reservoirs of the Far East.

    Amur street is an industrial area on which the motor and construction companies, as well as warehouses. Nearby street Amur are two metro stations - "Cherkіzoўskaya", "Shchelkovskaya." Also in the plans of the town inherent design another station - the Amur, but precise data on its building at the moment. Also, in the beginning of the street and the train station "Charkіzava" Moscow railway.
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