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  • Lenino, Russia
  • North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Moscow, territory and Babushkinsky Losinoostrovsky areas. 
    Chukchi passage is located in Moscow, in the North-Eastern Administrative District and refers to Babushkinskiy and Losinoostrovsky area. Travel originates from the station "Losinoostrovskaya" and goes towards the north east to Street Elementary, along the railway line, the Moscow railway, Yaroslavl direction.

    It is known that the first passage had other names - namely, Moscow and the Trinity, but the September 29, 1964 adopted a new name, and from that time, this passage became known as the Chukchi, similar to Siberian river Anadyr. The nearest public transport from the Map - subway station "Babushkinskaya" and "Medvedkovo".

    An interesting fact is that in the region of Chukotka travel, as well as "Losinoostrovsky" metro station filmed scenes of famous Soviet movie "Office Romance", "Railway Station for Two", "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", and one of a series of "Jumble" . which indicates a very interesting story of this journey.
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Sights nearby

Babushkinskiy Park
Graffiti on Emerald Street
Dzhamgarovsky Pond in Moscow
Metro Station "Babushkinskaya"
Temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov
The metro station "Medvedkovo"
Shopping and entertainment center "Fortuna" in Moscow
Shopping and entertainment center "Perlovsky" Druzhba
Square "Zodiac"
River Jauza Druzhba
Church of the Trinity in Mytishchi Druzhba
Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin in Taininsky Selivaniha
Monument GM Strekalov Mytishchi Druzhba
Temple-chapel of Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev, in Sviblovo
Metro Station "Sviblovo"
Amundsen Street
Fitness Club "Olympic Orient" Druzhba
Monument "feat Flyers Mytischinskogo Aeroclub" Druzhba
Shopping and entertainment center "Golden Babylon" at Prospekt Mira Talezh
Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Medvedkovo
Kva-Kva Park Druzhba
Stadium "Friendship" Druzhba
Platform Taininskoye Druzhba
Museum-Theatre "Ice Age" Talezh
Manor "Sviblovo"

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