Arch of Janus

  • saint angelo, Italy
  • Via del Velabro, Roma, Italy 
    Arch of Janus is the only surviving building in Rome in style Tetrapylon. This triumphal arch, which is located at the intersection of bovine Forum, was built in the beginning of the IV century. When its construction was used spol there borrowed parts destroyed buildings. Construction of the Arch of Janus, likely was dedicated to Constantine I or Kanstantsyyu II.

    Today the name of the Arch of Janus will probably get in the Renaissance or later and was not used in the description of classical antiquity. The name comes from the four facades, four arched structures, the so-called four-faced Janus, Janus or Kvadrifrons, which is mentioned in the descriptions of ancient Rome.

    Arch from the middle of the XVIII century has remained virtually untouched, but before that, in the Middle Ages, the family franzhipan turn the building into a fortress, which lasted until 1830. Then the upper part of the structure was demolished. Mainly on the assumption that this part did not belong to the original design of the Arch of Janus.

    Inside coexist with Arch church of San Giorgio al Velabrum preserved dedicatory letters that relate to the Arch of Janus.
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