Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin"

  • Molochnyj, Russia
  • Harbour Passage, Murmansk, Murmansk Oblast 183038, Russian Federation 
    Nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin, built to serve the Northern Sea Route, the world's first icebreaker equipped with nuclear power plant. Construction of the vessel began in Leningrad Shipbuilding Plant named after A. Marti in 1956 and exactly a year later, was launched at the Admiralty Shipyard plant.

    Going to sea trials demonstrated excellent icebreaker performance, thanks to the huge capacity of the power plant. Technical equipment of the vessel was carried out at such a high level, which ensures its full autonomy. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the icebreaker, even during the first flight was possible to significantly increase the duration of the navigation.

    Winter 1959 atomic icebreaker was put to the Ministry of the Navy, and the first few years of operation it was more than eighty thousand nautical miles, moving ice more than 400 vessels. Murmanskae Shipping Company received icebreaker "Lenin" in your order in 1960, and until the end of the operation, he was always "on the post." Since 1989 Icebreaker forever moored at one of the piers in Murmansk and on board a museum.
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