Azishskaya Pass

  • Shaumyan, Russia
  • Maikop, Route R254, Dahovskaya - Lago-Naki 
  • Azishskaya pass or as it is called shepherds, Stone Gate, located at an altitude of 1745 meters above sea level. Located in the western part of the tract trough. The pass is the watershed of two rivers: Bzihi and Kurdzhips. The tract trough formed by two rocky massifs: Stone Ridge Iron Sea and rocks.

    From the pass overlooking the vast alpine meadows Naki ridge to the highest point - Mount Abadzesh (2369 meters above sea level). There's almost always the wind blows, sometimes quite strong, but it is necessary to go into the woods, as it subsides. From the pass leads trail down to Kurdzhips. Far below you can see waterfalls, of which there are at least ten. All are located one after the other in the deep gorge of the river Kurdzhips.
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