Police Tower

  • Pigna, Italy
  • Magnanapoli square, Rome, Italy 
    Militia Tower - the greatest tower of Rome. It was built in XII-XIII centuries and was originally part of the fortifications of the courthouse. Currently, its ruins are located on the territory of the Dominican monastery, the square Magnanapoli.

    This colossal building has an area of ​​90 square meters and height - 50 meters. Previously, the tower was even higher, but as a result of the earthquake, its upper floor collapsed. In addition, after the landslide construction suffered minor but well visible list. Thick walls of the tower, almost devoid of windows, perfectly visible from all surrounding areas.

    Contrary to historical fact, connected with it an interesting belief according to which the tower was built in Roman times. And the Emperor Nero sang arias at its top and watched as Rome burned during one of the fires. Therefore, this structure is sometimes called "The Tower of Nero."

    Currently, it is considered one of the oldest fortified towers of Italy. Despite some destruction, survived the centuries Tower Militia is in excellent condition and attracts curious stares of tourists.
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