Bogolyubskii Monastery

  • Suromna, Russia
  • Bogolyubov village, Suzdal district, Vladimir region, Russia 
    Bogolyubskii monastery was built in honor of the appearance Bogolyubsky Mother of God in the same village.

    The monastery was built on the site of the castle of Prince Bogolyubsky, brutally murdered at his residence. The architectural ensemble of the monastery consists of Bogolyubsky Cathedral, built in 1866, in 1751 the construction of the Cathedral of the Nativity, the remnants of the palace Andrew Bogolyubsky, built in 1165, Church of the Annunciation in 1683, Bogolyubsky cathedral in 1866, and the gate of the bell tower, built in 1841.

    Cathedral of Theotokos of Bogolyubovo with granitic and marble floor completely restored. Since 2002, a new three-tier is made of carved gilded iconostasis. Around the monastery built outbuildings, planted an orchard, restored keleynyya housing. At the monastery located sewing, icon painting, carpentry. Monastery bells weigh 1050, 2500 and 8000 pounds.
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