Bogolyubskii Cathedral

  • Michurinsk, Russia
  • Russia, Tambov region, Michurinsk, ul. Gerasimov, 84 
    Bogolyubskii Cathedral is located in Michurinsk, is an architectural monument and the cathedral of the Diocese Michurinsk.

    Construction of the cathedral began in 1848 and lasted for 24 years. The temple was built in honor of the miraculous salvation from the plague that raged in the nineteenth century. Residents held a procession around the city with the icon of the Mother of God, called Bogolyubsky. Poet and cathedral named Bogolyubsky.

    Cathedral impresses with its size. To attend services at the same time may 5000. The total height of the church is 64 meters, the house is at the base of a cube with sides of 43 meters. The main dome with a diameter of 16 meters surround Four smaller domes.
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