Nativity Convent

  • Kommunar, Russia
  • Russia, Vladimir, ul. Most Moscow, 68 
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    Nativity Convent Vladimir diocese has been known since the XII century and has more than vosmivekovoy history.

    The first brick monastery was founded in 1191 by Vsevolod the Big Nest. The monastery throughout its history occupied a central place in the church life of the country. Before the construction of Peter I of St. Petersburg in the Mother of God Monastery Christmas-rested relics of Alexander Nevsky. The monastery existed until the 30-ies of XX century, when it was destroyed by the Bolsheviks. In its place until 1992 was first of the Cheka, then - the OGPU, NKVD, KGB.

    White stone decoration monastery and features of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture is characterized by its architecture. As part of the monastery are of Christ Church, the Church of Nativity and the Church of Alexander Nevsky. The monastery functions Religious school. Here is the diocesan administration.
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