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    Bogordskoe - area of ​​the city of Moscow, and he refers to the Eastern Administrative District. The district occupies 865 hectares in the district are unique Transfiguration Church in Bagarodskaga national park "Elk Island". As a result of the population census in the area is home to 103,160 people.

    Bagarodskaga district has its own coat of arms and flag, approved April 13, 2004 The first mention of the settlement on the territory of Bagarodskaga refers to the sixteenth century and named it Alimov. Now the district is the street Alimovskaya and Alim alley. Alimov briefly belonged to Ivan the Terrible, and in 1568 he was transferred into the possession of the Beautiful monastery. In 1680, in the churchyard built a wooden chapel in honor of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin. The chapel had long since disappeared, and the name of the district "Bogorodskoe" remains to this day.

    In the nineteenth century Bogorodskoe has become a popular place for building villas citizens. In these cottages lived Alexander Borodin, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Ivan Shishkin.
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