Church of the Epiphany in Toropets

  • Toropets, Russia
  • Sovetskaya str., Toropets, Tver region, Russian Federation 
    Epiphany Church, located in the central part Toropetz, this is an architectural gem in this small town. Built in the 60s of the XVII century on the merchant Gundorova storey richly decorated church with an octagonal drum and elegant octagonal bell tower - a vivid example of the Baroque style.

    In Taroptsy and its surroundings you can find several such churches, but they are far behind the Church of the Epiphany. It represents a real rise fancy local architectural school, lasted nearly eight decades and ended so striking a chord. The church was built of brick, has three altars. Bell tower is quite unusual - it was placed right above the refectory, and other interesting architectural details. Now worship in the church is not available, it is local history Museum.
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