Most Azishskaya Cave

  • Dzeberkoj, Russia
  • Krasnodar region, Absheron district, between the rivers White and Kurdzhips, about 500 meters from the highway Maikop-Lagonaki
  • Conveniently located for visitors to the cave Lagonack plateau (about 1600m above sea level) at the end of the 20th century there as an official excursion object. This means that it is safe to walk on special tracks and freely enjoy bizarre and spectacular savings underground formations under floodlights. One of the five most beautiful caves Russia has several tiers, and a lot of variety of stalactites and stalagmites. A series of underground kingdom halls series opens eyes variety of stone shapes and insists on respect for the internal life of the earth, which is a fascinating beautiful.

    As often happens in such cases, some very expressive natural forms are considered to be happy and bring success if to touch them. Considered curative and water from an underground river. Also note the special energy of this space, which has on people most beneficial effect.

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