A large rose garden park "Sokolniki"

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
  • Moscow park "Sokolniki" 
    A large rose garden park "Sokolniki" in Moscow, and is one of the most favorite places professional florists and those who simply indifferent to the beauty and fragrance of roses. Here, a relatively small area is not concentrated just a lot of different kinds of roses, but also trees and shrubs.

    Rosary was opened in 1957 on the site where previously housed a nursery decoration. This place was created for residents of cities can relax in tranquil surroundings and get aesthetic pleasure from the kind of blooming roses. In the center rosary is a circular area with a fountain, and in the peripheral parts - coniferous stands with benches where you would normally spend time reading lovers. Most of the flower arrangements rose garden was designed by the decorator Anna Shukshynoy.

    The ticket price for adults is 125 rubles. Children, students, conscripts, persons with disabilities and senior citizens can visit the rose garden of 60 rubles. Taking pictures is permitted, but in this case the ticket price will be 3000 rubles.
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