Lao She Tea

  • Beijing, China
  • No.3, Qianmen West Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China 
  • +86 010-63036830 
    Tea Lao She - this iconic tea, named after the famous Chinese writer and playwright Lao She and his novel "Tea." The tea recreates the atmosphere of old Beijing. It was opened in 1988. Inside you can see the decorative lanterns floor vases, carved staircase and on the walls - the best examples of Chinese calligraphy and silk embroidered pictures. The whole city bustle is beyond the threshold, and time stops here, and you are immersed in tea state of inner peace.

    Beijing Lao She Tea is considered almost a cult place. It was visited by such famous personalities like Jackie Chan, Henry Kissinger, George Bush Sr., and others. In this tea took more than a hundred heads of foreign states.
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