Cheboksary Bay

  • CHeboksary, Russia
  • Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russia 
    Cheboksary Bay - one of the most beautiful areas of the capital of Chuvashia. Today it is a favorite vacation spot of the townspeople, the venue of celebrations and festivities.

    Bay Cheboksary arose relatively recently. Earlier in his place was the old part of the city, which was flooded during the construction of the Cheboksary HPS. Bay surrounded by an amphitheater of slopes rise steeply, which is attractively located city buildings. It was formed during the XV-XX centuries. and continues to take shape today. On a par with the monuments of past centuries and there are modern buildings with interesting architectural solutions.

    May 9, 2003 on the bay was opened Monument Mother - Patroness, which became a symbol of not only the city but also throughout the whole of Chuvashia. Here are the local attractions: Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Philharmonic Hall, Transfiguration Monastery, Monument of Military Glory, Victory Park. Water surface is decorated Gulf powerful jets of fountains, which at night are painted in different colors.

    Summer in the Gulf can spend time boating, catamaran, rent bicycles or roller skates. For children work a variety of attractions. In winter, on the eve of the New Year, here opens the residence of Santa Claus. Whole families come here to spend time outdoors: skiing, skating, slide down hills on a sledge or just play in the snow.
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Pedestrian bridge over the Bay of Cheboksary
Mother Monument Bay
Chuvash Drama Theatre
House Alexei Kadomtsev Cheboksary
Beer Museum
Vvedensky Cathedral
Chuvash National Museum
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Cheboksary
Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater
Gate Church of Theodore the Trinity Monastery in
Fountains of Cheboksary Bay
Restaurant "Palette"
Central Beach
Church of the Resurrection
Monument to Lenin at the Republic Square
River port in Cheboksary
Art Museum in Efremov mansion
Monument of Military Glory in Cheboksary
Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War
Victory Park
Spaso-Preobrazhensky convent in Cheboksary
Monument VI Lenin at the entrance of KBC
Chapaev Monument
Entertainment center «MegaGalaxy» Cheboksary
Central Park

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