Black Lake

  • Kilekshino, Russia
  • Vladimir region, 2 kilometers from the city covered. 
    SIKA River, where the city Shroud should be with the Black Lake to the east, near the rounded peninsula. From the north from Lake branched irrigation canals, and village located gorachkay Oil, which was vegetable oil, which produces mustard oil, which was intended for the bagels that were delivered to the royal table.

    In ancient times, today the peninsula was an island with him standing on the church. In 1711, Peter the Great gave his decree "Fishing" on Lankovskom lake possession of the island "Holy Presentation Monastery", but the lake with beaches remain the property of Prince Golitsyn. Into the lake a single brook without a name.

    In 1863, the lake had already called the Black, as evidenced by the "Lists of settlements of the Russian Empire." There are two versions of the origin of the name. On one of them, the legend says that during the Troubles on the lake hiding locals, but coming up detachment of Poles killed and pine forest was burned. From Black ashes came the name of the reservoir, as well as the Black Island. In another version of the water in the Black Lake painted peragnoyny acid, so the water and became dark.
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