Ckver John XXIII

  • Paris, France
  • 4 Rue du Cloitre Notre Dame, Paris, France 
  • John XXIII Square is located just behind the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. He named in honor of one of the most popular popes of the XX century.

    There was not always perfect, that pleases the eye Square. First, this place is a dump for debris, and the XVII century it was the residence of the Archbishop. However, in 1831 the revolutionaries looted the palace, and then it was destroyed. Void where once stood the palace, later acquired the prefect of Paris Count Rambyuto to break here a beautiful garden.

    In 1845, the garden was designed by architect Alphonse Vіgurah built pseudo Fountain of the Virgin, which is also called "Archbishop's." The figure of the Virgin and Child, adorns the square, made by sculptor Louis Merlot. It stands on a pedestal, on which You can see the figures of the apostles and archangels, the legs of which water flows.
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