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Beijing Shi is located on is on central part part of China (Benxi Shi, Beijing Shi), 39 kilometers on noth from Beijing. You can to look around . On noth (9 kilometers) is Great Wall of China, Beijing Renji Golf Club (12 km). On southwest (11 kilometers) is Imperial source, Park modern agricultural science in Syaotanshane (13 km). On notheast (12 kilometers) is Memorial Park, the Fourth World Conference on Women's Rights.

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Summer Palace Haidian
Temple of Heaven Chongwen Qu
Beihai Park - Park North Lake ChangQiao
Beijing Zoo Xicheng Qu
Taoist monastery "White Cloud Baiyun" Baizhifang
Yonghe Palace Dongcheng Qu
Square of Heavenly Peace Beijing
Wax Museum Dongcheng Qu
Summer Garden Summer Palace Haidian
Cloisonne factory Changpingzhan
Art gallery "798" Wangjing
Imperial tombs of the Ming Dynasty Changping Qu
Beijing Ancient Observatory Dongcheng Qu
Antique market Pantszyayuan Nanmofang
Imperial source Xiaotangshan
Alley spirits Changling
Section of the Great Wall of China Badaling Xibozi
Lama temple Yunhegun Dongcheng Qu
Beijing swimming complex "Water Cube" Wali
Beijing World Park Baipenyao
Beijing market Yabaolu Dongcheng Qu
Beijing market Yashou Dongcheng Qu
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Interesting facts Beijing Shi

  • Population : 14,933,274

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