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Xinghuo is located on is on central part part of China (Xingtai Shi, Beijing Shi), 37 kilometers on south from Beijing Shi. We have found 7 attractions here, some interesting of them: Restaurant Duck de Chine, Beijing Railway Station East, CCTV Headquarters, Tuanjiehu Park, Chaoyang Theater. You can to look around too. On noth (2 kilometers) is Sony Explora Science Museum. On southwest (2 kilometers) is Museum of Art "Today". On nothwest (3 kilometers) is Agricultural Museum of China, Sanlitun Bar Street (3 km), Beijing market Yashou (3 km).

We propose to visit the most interesting attractions:

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Tuanjiehu Park
Chaoyang Theater
Hong Ling Jin Park
Shopping center «The Place»
Sony Explora Science Museum Dongfeng
Museum of Art "Today" Nanmofang
Agricultural Museum of China Dongfeng
Sanlitun Bar Street Dongcheng Qu
Beijing market Yashou Dongcheng Qu
Aquarium "Blue Zoo Beijing" Dongcheng Qu
Рынок Ясю в Пекине Dongcheng Qu
Beijing Folklore Museum Dongcheng Qu
Ritan Park Dongcheng Qu
School art of glassmaking Nanmofang
China Red Sandalwood Museum Shuangqiao
Restaurant "Browse" Dongcheng Qu
Beijing Silk Market Dongcheng Qu
Beijing market Yabaolu Dongcheng Qu
Tenya Plaza shopping mall Dongcheng Qu
Black Temple of Wisdom Dongcheng Qu
Beijing Ancient Observatory Dongcheng Qu
Ancient Observatory Dongcheng Qu
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