Arboretum name Bukreeva

  • Goncharka, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Giaginsky District, p. Goncharka 
  • +7 928 43 45 490 
    Thirty kilometers from the village of Maikop in Goncharka Giaginsky District Republic of Adygea in an area of ​​one hundred and fifty acres of arboretum stretches name Bukreeva. Named it in honor of the local collective farm chairman Pyotr Vasilievich Bukreeva, whose efforts in 1970 was the beginning of the park. The first were planted seedlings of native tree species - birch, fir, pine. Later, with the assistance of the Sochi Arboretum, it began to plant trees with the Black Sea coast, and then from all world. Just park there are more than fifty species of trees.

    The park is divided into three zones - Birch, further and Central. The most popular central zone, which is a real landscape park. At twenty acres around the picturesque artificial pond grows most of the species present in the park. Here is a unique museum of stones - a collection of huge, unusual shape blocks of sandstone. For everyone on the central zone of the park arboretum offers tours.
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