Demetrius Cathedral (Vladimir)

  • Kommunar, Russia
  • Klyasminskoye Str., 8
    Vladimir, Vladimir region, Russian Federation 108 m SE
    Demetrius Cathedral is located in the city of Vladimir. In some sources he referred to as "Dmitrov". It was built, according to the chronicles found, in 1191, at the princely court by order of Vsevolod the Big Nest.

    The cathedral itself is known for its decorated with reliefs, of which there are more than six hundred. They depict saints, some animals - both real and mythical. A large number of these reliefs still standing in its original form. Some were replaced during the restoration in the XIX century.

    The inner part of the temple was adorned with a huge number of frescoes, and only some of them have reached our time. One of the frescoes, which survived only a part, reflects the composition of the "Last Judgment."
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