Profitable House PP Zaychenko

  • Moscow, Russia
  • st. Spiridonovka, 36, Moscow, Russia 
  • Profitable House PP Zaychenko considered urban architectural monument. It was built in the middle of the XIX century - in 1837. Since then the building was rebuilt several times. His owners were landlords, barons, doctors, writers and generals. In 1840 on the site former buildings were constructed in the one-story wooden building.

    In 1911, it was rebuilt in stone, which belonged to the cornet stock PP Zaichenko. The building was used by him as the apartment building. As such, it has been preserved to our time. The building was designed by the Russian architect Nikolai Zherikhov. The building was built in the classical style. For several years in a house inhabited by famous Russian poets and writers. Currently, the apartment house PP Zaychenko located odnopodezdny brick house, designed for twelve apartments.
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