Dolmen Tuapse district

  • Kirpichnoe, Russia
  • Russia, Krasnodar region, Tuapse district 
  • In the Tuapse district remained about 400 dalmenaў - mysterious and little-known monuments. According to scientists, they are iconic buildings funeral noble tribes of the area residents and date from about 2400-1300 years before our era. Basically here are tiled dolmens four massive vertical stone slabs covered fifth as adnaskhіlnym roof, the front has a small hole - hole.

    One dalmenaў located in the center of Tuapse, on the territory of museum. On one of the mountains on the outskirts of Tuapse, organized paid hiking trail in several dalmennaya. Dolmen in Dzhubga, in the resort, considered one of the the largest tile in the Caucasus. It is quite well preserved, the entrance is free. Another well-preserved dolmen refers to polumonolitam and dominates the town of Stone Quarry.

    According to the present version, dolmens are able to store energy, charge it, and even heal those who came to their people. Therefore, tourists visiting the dolmens, trying to touch them with your hands and mind to ask them for the gift of strength.
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