House Architects

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Rostov Quay, 5, Moscow 
    House of Architects in Moscow is located on the waterfront of Rostov. It was built in 1936 in the style of Postconstructivism, designed by architect A. Schuseva. The building was conceived as part of an ensemble of Rostov and Smolensk embankments, but the project has not been fulfilled, only the side wings were added to the house in 1960.

    The place where the house is built, called Rostov padvorkam, here is the Church of the Annunciation of the Lord, in which the service stopped immediately after the revolution. In 1930, the site gave USSR Union of Architects for the construction of a residential house, but with the condition of preservation church. The original grand project AV Schuseva not been approved by the high cost and the building was built on a simplified project. From the old project remains only half-round shape of the house, and Dabraveshchanskaya church was demolished in 1960. Through unusual House forms architects often filmed in the movie.
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