House of Music

  • Maslovo, Russia
  • 115054, Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya embankment, 52, Building 8 
  • +7 495 730 10 11 
    House music on the red hills - ten-storey house with a total area of ​​about 42 thousand square meters. meters - built in 2002 on the initiative of the Moscow Government and the outstanding musician Vladimir Spivakov. House of music has become a central element of a larger architectural ensemble Kosmodamianskaya on the Moskva River embankment, with a magnificent view of the ancient monastery Navaspask.

    Moscow House of Music - a modern performing arts center, which has no analogues in Russia. In the three halls of the complex - Svetlanov, Chamber and Theater - concerts and performances, major international forums and recitals.

    Svetlanov Hall for concerts of classical and popular music. He faced Siberian lіstoўnіtsay - the best in the world "acoustic" tree. Processing of all walls, floor and a large part of the ceiling only material creates compositional integrity of the hall. Chamber Hall is located in the Basement room Svetlanov and solved in a completely different style - classic, U-shaped sculpted balconies and muted colors. Visual space in the hall amphitheater. Colonnade along the aisles of the hall gives the space harmony and splendor. Auditorium designed for multi-purpose use. It is possible to remove part of the spectator seats and create a whole new space, and the latest technical equipment allows you to experiment with color and sound.
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