House of fairy tales "Once upon a time" in Moscow

  • Talezh, Russia
  • ave. Peace, 119, VVC, pav. №8, Moscow, 129223, Moscow 
  • House of fairy tales "Once upon a time" in Moscow - the world's only children's museum, theater, dedicated to fairy tales. He is the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion №8.

    Collection Museum Theatre presents everyday objects, costumes, antique dolls, paintings, books. They can not only watch but also to take over.

    Museum-theater known abroad and is a member of the Association of Children's Museums «Hands On! Europe », his team is actively involved in Russian and international museum work.

    It hosts theatrical tours, during which children with the help of fairy tales acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of different peoples, as well as the work of writers and artists.

    In the House of fairy tales "Once upon a time 'children go to extraordinary journey with your favorite fairy tale characters themselves transform into heroes of fairy tales are many tests that help to understand the world, and help overcome evil to triumph is good. 

    In the House of fairy tales can hold children's party or celebrate a child's birthday. Among other things, the museum themed events, regular meetings with writers, poets and artists.
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