House Ushakov-Shaposhnikova

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Nikitskaya Street, 60, Moscow 
  • In Moscow, among many monuments of ancient houses. Walking through the ancient streets, and sometimes have no idea what a rich history keeps a particular building. For example, one-storey house, VT Ushakov (MA Shaposhnikova), located on the Big Nikita. 

    This building stands here since 1820. Throughout most of its existence in its processed only window frames. Itself an architectural monument survived quite well.

    Currently, there is an Italian restaurant, home cooking is considered really strange. The atmosphere of the restaurant sets a very romantic mood.

    In addition, the building houses the gastronomic shop that sells home-made, cooked to a unique family recipes Montiroli who will above the restaurant.

    Summer near the house Ushakov an outdoor terrace, which makes the tables. The territory becomes a wonderful place where you can fully enjoy the warm evening capital.
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