The house in which she lived Letizia Bonaparte

  • Centro Storico (Altstadt), Italy
  • Piazza Venezia
    Roma, Italy
  • The house in which she lived Letizia Bonaparte, located in Rome (Italy). He is a popular attraction of the city and is located in the very center.

    The house in which she lived Letizia Bonaparte, known for its good green balcony. In the XIX century there lived a mother of French Emperor Napoleon - Letizia Bonaparte. This house was presented to her by Pope Piyem VII. Laetitia often loved to spend time sitting on legendary balcony and watching the busy life in the Piazza Venezia. She was always interested bustle of the capital of Italy. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte personally ordered that the house were installed deaf shutters that protect the mother from throwing rotten vegetables.
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