House Zinkovetskogo

  • Severo-vostochnye Sady, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop city, street Krasnooktyabrskaya 14 
    Historic building, located on the city street Chyrvonaaktsyabrskae Maikop, known as the home of Zinkovetskoe. Pole Dmitry Zinkovetskoe was the first guild merchant, have done a lot for the improvement of Maikop - with his active participation was built railway line that will connect the city with the transport network of the Russian Empire, he was a trustee of several educational institutions, its thrice elected mayor.

    Zinkovetskoe house was built in 1907 by architect Fomin. This two-storey building with a reduced angle and a bay window on the second floor is a prime example of the then fashionable Art Nouveau style. Unfortunately, in the reconstruction of many of the original elements building facades have been lost, was not preserved and the internal layout of the house.

    Before the revolution, most of the houses were rented. On the ground floor there is a grocery and shoe shops, the main hall on the second floor was applied to wealthy citizens for various celebrations device. After 1917, in the house of a Zinkovetskoe time housed the Revolutionary Committee, and its cellars served as arsenal. Today, the building occupies Maikop house officers.
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