Donskoy Monastery

  • Uspenskoe, Russia
  • Russia
    Don Sq. D.1-3
  • +7 (495) 952-49-01 
    Donskoy Monastery was founded in 1591. The building of the monastery is located in the south-west of the central part of Moscow, near the old Kaluga road.

    Named in honor of the monastery Don Mother of God miraculously get rid Moscow of troops Goats Giray Khan. According to legend, this icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh blessed the army of the Grand Duke Dimitri at the Battle of Kulikovo. Due to the custody of the Blessed Virgin enemies were driven out of the city walls, and the Crimean Tatars never attacked Moscow.

    The monastery was founded on the spot where the army of the Grand Duke Dimitri was waiting for the fighting troops with Tatar khan Goats Giray and where there was a church was derived from the image of Our Lady of the Don. Later there was built the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Don icon of the Mother (Small Cathedral), after whom the monastery got its name after.
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