Ancient settlements

  • Toropets, Russia
  • Ancient settlements located near the center Toropetz. 
    Ancient settlements in Taroptsy are remnants of ancient cities, the oldest of which dates back to the XI century. The first and oldest - High Low mound. It is situated on a high hill with steep sides and a flat top. Possibly, here XI-XII centuries the ancient city of Toropets.

    Big old fort stretches along the lake and is a large elongated shaft. Age and history is not exactly known, but it is assumed that before there was a city, the former capital of Krivichy.

    The new settlement dates back to the XVI century and is located on the island. Used to be a wooden Kremlin, but has not survived to the present day. Of all settlements magnificent views of the city Toropets, with its churches and buildings, lake and surrounding straw landscapes.
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Sights nearby

Monument to Admiral Ricordi in Tver
Korsun Mother of God Cathedral in Toropets
Church of the Epiphany in Toropets
The plane-monument "Su-9" in Toropets
House-museum of Patriarch Tikhon
Straw Lake Znamenskoe
Church of the Transfiguration in Toropets
Manor Podgorodneye Podgorodnee
River Toropa Rylovo
Lake Kudinskoe TSikorevo
Rural lake in Tver region Ananino
Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Hvorostevo Hvorostevo
Manor Hvorostevo Hvorostevo
Church of the Epiphany in the churchyard Psovets Galyanovo
Lake Kadosno Hmelevo
Memorial Museum-Estate of composer Mussorgsky Naumovo
Manor Naumovo Naumovo
Parents room in the manor house AS Pushkin Zhukova
Memorial Museum of AS Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye" Zhukova
Lake Savinskoe Zhilino
Lake Lake Zhizhitskoye Drozdovo
Lake Lake Zhizhitskoye Drozdovo
Lake Verezhun Luchki
Lake of the Nagas Sheshurino
Lake Verezhun Luchki

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