Palace of Culture. P.P.Huzangaya

  • CHeboksary, Russia
  • And 54 st. Yakovleva Zoe, Cheboksary, Russia 
  • +7 835 250-92-95 
    Palace of Culture named Huzangay bears the name of the Chuvash Soviet poet PP Huzangay. For success in creating distinctive literary poet received the honorary title of the People's Republic of Chuvashia poet. The building is located near Cheboksary the entrance to the Victory Memorial Park.

    Palace of Culture named Huzangay, formerly known as the Palace of Culture textile, was solemnly opened in 1965. This was a significant event for the capital of Chuvashia. By the time the Palace of Culture was the best architectural landmark and all of Chuvashia. 

    In 2003, Victory Park and Palace of Culture were merged into a single Memorial victory.
    In the palace regularly hosts competitions and festivals of folk art, corporate parties. The palace is the main performer social orders from organizations and enterprises of the city and a center of cultural life.
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