Dzhamgarovsky Pond in Moscow

  • Lenino, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow region Losinoostrovsky 
    Dzhamgarovsky pond located on the territory Losinoostrovsky district of Moscow, limited Ostashkovsky highway and Ring Road.

    Earlier this place was a sand pit. As a result of the creation of a dam on the river Ichke in 1920 and was educated rates in 1984 in the order of its shore. In the pond are several species of fish such as roach, bream, padleshchyk, perch, bleak, and others, and on the banks of the pond nesting mallards and gulls.

    Pond area of ​​13.5 hectares with an average depth of about 4 meters. Name rate went from names Dzhamgarovyh brothers, who were engaged in landscaping of the adjacent territory in the XX century.
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