Fitness club "Cosmos"

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Prospect Mira, 150, Moscow, Russia 
  • +7 4952341411 
  • Fitness club "Cosmos" - a modern, constantly evolving fitness center, which is located in the central part of Moscow, in the hotel "Cosmos". According to visitors, "Space" combines almost all the best that exists on today in the fitness industry.

    There are gyms, pilates, Kalanetyk, classes yogoy.Krome addition, there is everything for a healthy holiday - Jacuzzi, adult and children's pools and a Russian bath and sauna, sauna.

    The fitness center has everything you need to ensure that visitors can spend their free time with not only comfort, but also for the benefit of his health, as well as get pleasure from activities. In the halls of the fitness center employs highly athletes as well as the experienced and talented coaches high kvalifikatsii.Po request, there may be individual lessons and training on a specially designed program, which consists of experienced and qualified instructors.
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Hotel "Cosmos"
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Pavilion "Moscow" at the All-Russia Exhibition Center
Crocodile Farm
Cosmonauts Alley
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Park "The Road to the Temple"
Fountain in the park "The Road to the Temple"
Monorail Station "Exhibition center"
Temple of Our Lady of Tikhvin
Pavilion №69 the All-Russia Exhibition Center

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