Fountain "Friendship of Peoples of the USSR"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • ave. World, building 119 631, Moscow, Russia 
  • Fountain "Friendship of Peoples of the USSR" is one of the main attractions of Moscow. It was built by engineer VI Klyavin and renowned architect KT Topuridze, construction work performed brigade headed by A. Bazhenov and IM Chaikov. The building has been embodied the ideals of peace and friendship, which were the center line of the main policy and strategy of the Soviet Union in the early 50s.

    Fountain has a granite step basis, which resembles a flower and smoothly into a bundle of sunflowers and ears, which is cup-shaped. He has set a figure of 16 girls, symbolizing the republics in the Soviet Union until 1956 year. They are great shimmer in the light of the sun's rays, as covered in gold leaf.

    The surface of the water table fountain covers an area of ​​about 4 thousand square meters, and the volume of the bowl construction is 4000 cubic meters. In 2009, reconstructed the fountain "Friendship of Peoples of the USSR" - have been updated utilities and installed excellent lighting, which changes 16 times per hour, and strengthened the structure.
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