Fountain "Europe"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, the area of ​​Europe (formerly Square. Kiev railway station). 
  • Modern Moscow - a city that never ceases to be updated and improved. On a new, revitalized area of ​​Europe, opened an unusual fountain called "Rape of Europa".

    The opening of the fountain took place in 2002, thanks to the Mayor of Brussels, which gave residents of the capital unusual sculpture. Author sculpture-famous Belgian sculptor Olivier Strebelle.

    The sculpture shows a plot of the mythology of ancient Greece - Europe Zeus kidnapped girl, who took the bull persons. It is made in the original abstract style is a 11 meter high building. This is a huge bundle of silver steel pipes, are intertwined, seek up to the sky.

    The sculpture is located on the square in Europe, and around the set a beautiful fountain. The fountain itself is in the form of round five cups arranged one inside the other. Upper bowl crowned sculpture surrounded by continuously spurting water. Project Fountain developed a sculptor YP Platonov, with knowledge of the matter added the idea of ​​sculpture.

    The updated area in Europe, with a beautiful fountain collects a large number of citizens, in particular young people and families with children.
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