Fountain "Kolos"

  • Perhurovo, Russia
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    Fountain "Kolos" - is one of the three main fountains National Exhibition Center. He impresses with its size - the total height of the fountain is 16 meters. The fountain is located in the center of the upper pool in the OCE.

    The design of the fountain consists of individual thin-walled concrete elements, faced mosaic smalt.

    "Kolos" was opened in 1954. Since the mid-1980s fountain gradually began to lose the power of the jets and the original golden glitter mosaic. Since the 1990s, the fountain does not work, gradually destroyed.

    Height jets "Kolos" reached 25 meters. Jet flew from nozzles located in the gold zyarnyatah a mustache-osty. Jet diameter from 18 to 30 millimeters and beaten from the bottom of the fountain, and the horn of plenty.
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