Fountain "Neptune" in Berlin

  • Berlin Mitte, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany 
  • Fountain "Neptune" - one of the main attractions of Berlin. Situated between the Red Town Hall and Marienkirche. "Neptune" - one of the oldest and most beautiful fountains of Berlin and Germany. Author Fountain - famous German architect and painter Karl Shynkel, the fountain was inaugurated on November 1, 1891.

    The foundation of the fountain consists of three stages, over his bowl rises a powerful torso of Neptune - the ancient god of the sea, located on a huge sink. He is holding his trident, according to legend, utaymoўvae waves among the depths of the sea. The fountain is made with Swedish granite, the diameter of its basin is 18 meters and the height in the center, from the bottom to the top of Neptune - 8.5 meters, and his trident - 10 meters.

    Neptune surrounded by happy children playing with water fountain. Shell on which they are located, hold four large newt. Of course, there are a variety of fauna of the seas: fish, lobsters, crabs, polyps, turtles, snakes, crocodiles and seals. In addition, next to the charms of the fountain are four female figures, embodying the river Rhine (with a vine and fishing net), Vistula (with a log), the Oder (with skin and goat) and Elba (with fruit and ears).
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