Waterworks Moscow Canal

  • Himki, Russia
  • Moscow region, Khimki Reservoir 
    Moscow Canal (until 1947 called, the channel Moscow - Volga). Canal connects the rivers Volga and Moskvu.Nahoditsya in Moscow and Tver regions, partly flows through the city of Moscow. Canal opened in July 1937, its construction took about five years. During the construction of the channel used the labor of prisoners of the Gulag. Canal. Moscow Moscow water supplies with water.
    Large cargo wharf - Yahroma, Greater Volga, Dzmіtraў et al. Via transported grain, construction materials, oil and coal.

    On the banks of the channel are various numerous fishing base, motels, resorts and others. As a part of the channel is more than 240 different hydraulic structures. The main building of the channel, as well as any other large hydraulic complex is platinum. The channel built just ten dams, including 3 of concrete and earth 7.
    During the construction of the channel 7 has built hydropower plants. But then also added 2 HPP (New Tsninsky and New Tveretskaya).

    All facilities of the channel create beautiful architectural ensemble; each pump station and gateway has its own special look. All have completed in the form of sculptures and decorative add-ons.
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