The main house city estate Turgenev

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Ul. Arbat, 44 
  • The main house city estate Turgenev is located in Moscow, Arbat Street, and refers to objects of cultural naslediya.On was built at the end of the XVIII century, and in 1903 the great-grandfather Ivan Turgenev bought this house, and on the possession belonged to her grandmother FI Tyutchev. 

    In 1812 the house burned down, but the foundation and walls of the box are preserved. After a partial recovery in 1832, the house was built in the Baroque style, bought at auction merchant KP Botkin, who sold tea. Among the owners of the house was the family Kikin, in which 1830 stayed AS Pushkin. In 1860, there lived a member of the Congress I International AS Levashov. Here meetings were held secret revolutionary societies "Organization" and "Hell", led by a revolutionary, one of the first utopian socialists, NA Іshutsіnym.

    After the 1917 revolution the building was nationalized izdes arranged music schools, training courses. Before the October Revolution was located here Moscow zubalyachebnaya School assistant professor GI Vіlga, in which an active part the doctor took PG Dauge - one of the founders of dentistry in the USSR. Over the years, lived in the house known therapist Professor AA wit and physicist EA Gopius. In 1942, in one of the apartments lived scout DN Medvedev.
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