Blue Bay

  • Aderbievka (admin. territoriya g. Gelendzhika), Russia
  • pos. Blue Bay, 13 km from the city of Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia 
    Blue Bay is usually called a small village 13 kilometers from the center of Gelendzhik. Here is the resort of the same name and the Institute of Oceanology of the PP Shyrshovu Russian Academy of Sciences. Research ships are sent to carry out research in various parts of the world ocean from here.

    It is believed that at the Blue Bay of the cleanest water in Gelendzhik, and healthful climate. Indeed, crystal clear water, shimmering in the sun glare, gaze is pebbly bottom samples. Pine forests neighborhood impregnated air smalіstym spirit. Rocky shores and sunny glades make almost exquisite landscape. Excursion teplohodik specifically commit here Flights to everyone had the opportunity to visit a perfect beach.

    It should be noted that the location of the bay provides a smooth clean air here 260 days of sunshine per year. And the open sea off the coast of Blue Bay has a free water exchange that provides a permanent water treatment.

    Of course, here is everything you need for your holiday: sun loungers, jet skis, catamarans, cafes and small shops.
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