Bauman town

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • The town is named. Bauman, Art. Metro "Guerrilla", Izmailovo fare 4, Izmailovo Island 
    This delightful in its beauty and richness of species charming place located in the east of Moscow, near the Izmailovo. Once upon a time there was a village elite, much like today Ruble, inhabited mainly statesmen. In the 60s XVII century, work began on the section of the river Silverfish into two branches. Resulting from two ponds and Grape Silver took part of the village in the ring - thus appeared Izmailovo island. After the revolution in 1917, the island received a new name and became known as the town of Bauman.

    People come here to rest from earthly cares, enjoy the natural charm and boating. This type of holiday offers special romantic walks. This is facilitated by weeping willows leaning over the water, a small bridge and its tranquil waters pond.

    In the park there is a monument to Peter I. It is said that it is here arranged funny fighting regiments, and later the emperor decided to establish a Russian fleet.

    You may want to look into a museum, which hosts exhibitions of historical events. The ticket price is $ 100 per person, but you can order a group tour. On the island has a café, where fried kebabs and poured tea from this Russian samovar on the coals.
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